Best Probiotics For BV: Kombucha Tea

One of the best probiotics for BV is kombucha tea. Kombucha is an ancient bubbly tangy drink originating more than 2000 years ago in China. Recently, it has skyrocketed in popularity in western cultures, including the United States. It is often sold in health clubs and in stores that promote healthy living.
Traditionally, kombucha tea it is made by fermenting sweetened black tea or sweetened green tea with a “mother.” The mother is essentially a gelatinous colony of living probiotic bacteria and fungi that is floated on top of the sweetened tea to ferment it for a few weeks. Note, although it contains fungi, it is single celled fungi, not mushrooms as some people mistakenly think. Some people describe it as looking like a jellyfish, probably because as the tea ferments, long strings of probiotics hang down from the mother like the tentacles of jellyfish. A container of kombucha can look a little like a creature from a sci fi flick!
More recently, kombucha recipes have become more varied and sophisticated. Instead of tea, kombucha can also be made from fruit juices like watermelon and mango. These juices can also be added to the tea to create a really unique flavor. Spices like cayenne, fennel, pepper, ginger, and cinnamon may be added. Kombucha has become as varied as beer and wine and just as beloved! This can be a really interesting way to obtain probiotics for BV.
Variety is the spice of life as they say. If you drink kombucha tea from a variety of sources, you’ll get a much wider diversity of probiotics than if you stick to just one source. This is because the assemblage of probiotics in each mother used in making kombucha tea varies a great deal. This is especially true if you buy your kombucha tea from farmers markets or other local sources.
You can also brew your own kombucha tea and grow the best probiotics for BV right in your kitchen, garage, or basement. In some areas, home brewed kombucha tea has become so popular that there are local kombucha tea clubs. This can be good way to meet other people who can show you how to brew kombucha and also give or sell you a “baby” starter. Babies are sometimes formed from large mothers as they give rise to new colonies (new young mothers). Some people give these to friends and others or sell them on CraigsList.
If you are looking for the best probiotics for BV, don’t limit yourself to the ho hum commercial varieties of yogurt. There’s so much more out there, it can be a culinary adventure to explore it all and in the process cure your pesky BV problem! Kombucha tea contains many B complex vitamins, including folic acid, know to nutritionally support your natural vaginal flora. It also contains acetic acid with is anti-bacterial.

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